Thank you for returning home

Our late founder and chairman Terence Jarrett (TJ as he was affectionately known) started the journey of Altamont Hotels with the aim of welcoming an extended family to our ‘home in the hub’. You, the guests and well wishers, have been our family for over three decades at Altamont Court @altamontcourt (Kingston) and over a decade at Altamont West @altamontwestjm (Montego Bay).
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for returning home all these years. Every great family has its highs and lows, but your continued support has made the good significantly outweigh the bad. We have grown because of you and we will continue to offer you a most satisfying experience. From my team and me, Happy New Year and many more to come.
Yours faithfully,
Chris JarrettĀ 
CEO of Altamont Hotels and Hotel 39